15 de febrero de 2014


February, 2014.

*Unofficial translation done only for the purpose of being understood.

The Permanent Secretariat of Latin American and Caribbean Network for Democracy (REDLAD) warns about the deteriorating situation of human rights in Venezuela , especially in criminalization of peaceful protest, murder and persecution of students and threats  against deputies and opposition figures .

Following the commemoration of 12 February, the Venezuelan Youth Day, student groups manifested in major Venezuelan cities have been under brutal aggression by members of the bolivarian national guard GNB and the bolivarian intelligence service SEBIN. The murder of students, torture against peaceful protesters arrested and the violence by pro-government paramilitary groups such as "los colectivos" and "Tupamaros" have blood tinged peaceful protest.

Blocking signal of NTN24, lack of access to newsprint by newspapers and the closing of media has prevented the spread of what happens. Likewise, threats against María Corina Machado and another opposition political figures, has generated that tensions rise further.

The disrespect of human rights and anti-democratic practices are protected by a government with authoritarian characteristics, which promotes judicial bias, the campaign of terror against all opposition and scores a financial disaster expressed in a very high inflation, massive expropriations, desertion of investment, food shortages and alarming insecurity .

The Permanent Secretariat REDLAD, platform of more than 520 organizations advocating for Democracy and Human Rights, Official Member of the Civil Society Forum of the Organization of American States (OAS) and Regional Chapter of World Movement for Democracy (WMD) :

·         Rejects the claims of the Government of Venezuela to be part of the Security Council of the United Nations and urged democratic governments of the world and in particular the GRULAC (Group of Latin American and Caribbean to the UN) to oppose the candidacy of a government that has shown reluctance to dialogue with the opposition and that insist on a campaing of violation of human rights and democracy, using authoritarian attitudes.

·         Alert the international community about the persecution and murder of young college students and the existence of systematic threats against opposition political leaders by the Venezuelan government.

·         Speak up about the constant repression and physical aggression against peaceful demonstrators and the criminalization of peaceful protest at the expense of freedom of assembly .

·         It binds to the words of encouragement and complaint figures like Oscar Arias Sánchez Nobel Peace Prize, the Ex Presidents Alvaro Uribe and Alejandro Toledo, and the organisms of United Nations that have ruled on the facts.

·         Shows its solidarity with the family victims of murder, disappearance, detained and tortured.