26 de noviembre de 2018

ALERT: Situations of violence during demonstrations against the government of Jovenel Moise in Haiti

Foto: AFP

November 25, 2018

Currently there are multiple protests in Port-au-Prince, capital of Haiti, for these days against the measures adopted by the government of Jovenel Moise.
The protesters have expressed their general discontent with the Moise administration, demand clarity regarding the management of Petrocaribe funds and ask for the corresponding sanctions for those responsible.

The situation has worsened in recent days due to the fatalities left by violence in the protests. Organizations such as the United Nations and the General Secretariat of the OAS condemned the acts of violence, showed their solidarity with those affected and announced closer accompaniment to the political and social situation in Haiti.

The current crisis in the Caribbean country continues to worsen day after day despite the president called for dialogue and consensus this past Wednesday, November 21, in a presidential telecast on television. Citizenship and opposition to the government continues to demand the resignation of the president.

The Latin American and Caribbean Network for Democracy - REDLAD rejects any situation of violence related to the protest days, show solidarity to the wounded, the relatives of the deadly victims, and general with the Haitians whose social-econimic situation is one of the most dramatic in the continent and reiterates support for pacific protest and free association and expression.

For the above, REDLAD requests the following:

  • Guarantee the right to protest of Haitian citizens without state repression.
  • Enable and strengthen spaces for dialogue between the various actors involved in the protests.
  • Review the governmental measures adopted or in the process of adoption in order to favor economic and social conditions that guarantee the fundamental rights of the Haitian population.
  • Establish the corresponding responsibilities with respect to Petrocaribe funds and guarantee speed and transparency in the performance of justice.
  • Urge the Haitian government to contemplate social policies that promote human rights and the welfare of its population.
  • Ask for the international community and the multilateral organizations greater solidarity with the political and social situation in Haiti.