13 de diciembre de 2018

ALERT: the Nicaraguan State represses social organizations

National Assembly

December 12, 2018

Nicaragua is still in a political crisis and state repression against civil society and its citizens is deepening.

Between the end of November and during the first days of December, the National Assembly has decided, authoritatively, to cancel the legal status of several social organizations that have done important work in the country and that have been critical of the current government.

Among these organizations, persecuted by the regime of Ortega and his party, are Centro de Información y Servicios de Asesoría en Salud (Cisas), Instituto de Estudios Estratégicos y Políticas Públicas (IEEPP), Centro Nicaragüense de Derechos Humanos (CENIDH) and Hagamos Democracia.

The above demonstrates that there are currently no intentions of democratic dialogue on the part of the government and its allies to overcome the current crisis and that, on the contrary, political and institutional reprisals by the ruling elite against anyone who dares to criticize them.

Taking into account this situation, from the Latin American and Caribbean Network for Democracy (REDLAD):

- We demand that both the National Assembly and the other Nicaraguan state authorities cease their persecution of the critical organizations and activists of the government, and restore the legal personality that has been canceled.
- Urges the government of Daniel Ortega to undertake a true broad and democratic dialogue with all sectors of civil society for the welfare of the country and its inhabitants.

- Requests the international community, multilateral institutions and civil society from all Latin American countries to support the work that Nicaraguan organizations have done to strengthen democracy and defend human rights.